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NBA drafts through the years (1984-present)

Sorry. This post is forever in flux. 

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Added videos on NBA Drafts 2009, 2010, 2011

I don't know about you, but I get a kick out of watching these drafts retrospectively, listening to the experts pontificate about how these players would fare in the pros, and me already knowing how their NBA careers turned out.

I've tried to scour YT for full videos of past NBA drafts starting 1984 and I think these are all that exist. I have placeholders for the years that I still don't have any videos. Also, for some years (e.g., 2010), I can only find snippets rather than the whole draft. If anyone can point out better videos, please let me know in the comments section.  

I will continue to add to this whenever I find more draft videos. Do let me know if I am missing any years that videos are actually available online so I can add to this post. Please post links on the comments section as well. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! 

Here are some links to complete NBA Draft lists from various sites for cross-ref and further reading:

Sincere P.S.: Thanks to all the folks who posted these videos on YT! I am indebted to you all! 


1984 NBA Draft (Top pick, Houston: Akeem Olajuwon, University of Houston)

1984 NBA Draft Table (Click on table to enlarge)

link to interactive table from all the way to Round 10.


 1985 NBA Draft (Top pick, NYK: Patrick Ewing, Georgetown)

1985 NBA Draft Table (Click on table to enlarge)

link to interactive table from all the way to Round 10.


1986 NBA Draft (Top pick, Cleveland: Brad Daugherty, North Carolina)

1986 NBA Draft Table (Click on table to enlarge)

link to interactive table from all the way to Round 7.


1987 NBA Draft (Top pick, San Antonio: David Robinson, Navy)

1987 NBA Draft Table (Click on table to enlarge)

link to interactive table from all the way to Round 7.


1988 NBA Draft (Top pick, LA Clippers: Danny Manning, Kansas)


1989 NBA Draft (Top pick, Sacramento: Pervis Ellison, Louisville)


1990 NBA Draft (Top pick, NJ: Derrick Coleman, Syracuse)


1991 NBA Draft (Top pick, Charlotte: Larry Johnson, UNLV)


1992 NBA Draft (Top pick, Orlando: Shaquille O'Neil, LSU)


1993 NBA Draft (Top pick, Orlando: Chris Webber, Michigan)


1994 NBA Draft (Top pick, Milwaukee: Glenn Robinson, Purdue)


1995 NBA Draft (Top pick, Golden State: Joe Smith, Maryland)


1996 NBA Draft (Top pick, Philadelphia: Allen Iverson, Georgetown)

1997 NBA Draft (Top pick, San Antonio: Tim Duncan, Wake Forest)

1998 NBA Draft (Top pick, LA Clippers: Michael Olowokandi, Pacific)

1999 NBA Draft (Top pick, Chicago: Elton Brand, Duke)

2000 NBA Draft (Top pick, NJ: Kenyon Martin, Cincinnati)

2001 NBA Draft (Top pick, Washington: Kwame Brown, Glynn Acad. HS)

2002 NBA Draft (Top pick, Houston: Yao Ming, China)

2003 NBA Draft (Top pick, Cleveland: Lebron James, Akron HS, OH)

2004 NBA Draft (Top pick, Orlando: Dwight Howard, Southwest Atlanta Christian, GA)

2005 NBA Draft (Top pick, Milwaukee: Andrew Bogut, Utah)

2006 NBA Draft (Top pick, Toronto: Andrea Bargnani, Benetton Treviso, IT)

2007 NBA Draft (Top pick, Portland: Greg Oden, Ohio St)

2008 NBA Draft (Top pick, Chicago: Derrick Rose, Memphis)

2009 NBA Draft (Top pick, LA Clippers: Blake Griffin, Oklahoma) 

2010 NBA Draft (Top pick, Washington: John Wall, Kentucky)
yeah? Where's Luke Babbitt now?

2011 NBA Draft (Top pick, Cleveland: Kyrie Irving, Duke)

2012 NBA Draft (Top pick, New Orleans: Anthony Davis, Kentucky)

2013 NBA Draft (Top pick, Cleveland: Anthony Bennett, UNLV)

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